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cream, Layered Leather Feather Earrings



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Ha leather earringsndcra leather earringsfted lea leather earringsther da leather earringsngly ea leather earringsrrings. Ea leather earringsch fea leather earringsther is individua leather earringslly cut a leather earringsnd sewn by me. They ha leather earringsng on sta leather earringsinless steel ea leather earringsrwire hooks (see photos for closeup) a leather earringsnd a leather earringsre a leather earringspproxima leather earringstely 4" long including the ea leather earringsrwire. Sta leather earringsinless steel is hypoa leather earringsllergenic.These a leather earringsre the ever ma leather earringsgica leather earringsl Ra leather earringsven fea leather earringsthers! All bla leather earringsck with light brown stitching. Fa leather earringsnta leather earringsstica leather earringslly lightweight a leather earringsnd fun! Due to the na leather earringsture of ha leather earringsndma leather earringsde products, no two ea leather earringsrrings will be exa leather earringsctly the sa leather earringsme. Your ea leather earringsrrings will be *a leather earringslmost* exa leather earringsctly like this set but not exa leather earringsctly. I ha leather earringsve done my best to edit the photos to a leather earringss close to the rea leather earringsl color a leather earringss possible but I ca leather earringsnnot gua leather earringsra leather earringsntee they will be the exa leather earringsct color tha leather earringst your screen shows you. I will ha leather earringsppily excha leather earringsnge a leather earringsny pa leather earringsir of ea leather earringsrrings for the sa leather earringsme color if there is a leather earringsny problem with them within 14 da leather earringsys.Ea leather earringsrrings ship via leather earrings first cla leather earringsss ma leather earringsil in 1-2 business da leather earringsys. You will receive the colors in the ea leather earringsrrings in the first photo of my listing. Plea leather earringsse see my other listings for different color combina leather earringstions or convo me for a leather earrings custom order. :)

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