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dogs, Racing Greyhound Sterling Silver Cufflinks In Presentation Box



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Sterling Silver RACING GREYHOUND CufflinksEa sterling cufflinksch greyhound mea sterling cufflinkssures 25 x 12 x 4mm (Fitting not included)All of our cufflinks a sterling cufflinksre ma sterling cufflinksde by us in our own workshop in Birmingha sterling cufflinksm's world fa sterling cufflinksmous Jewellery Qua sterling cufflinksrter in Engla sterling cufflinksndAll of our cufflinks a sterling cufflinksre fitted with very high qua sterling cufflinkslity swivel fittings ma sterling cufflinksrked 925All cufflinks a sterling cufflinksre Sterling Silver,we do not ma sterling cufflinkske/sell pla sterling cufflinksted jewelleryBea sterling cufflinksutiful Highly Polished Finish or Vinta sterling cufflinksge FinishSupplied in a sterling cufflinks presenta sterling cufflinkstion box

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