Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gift Packaging/ Gift Wrapgift wrap, Add on for Jewelrygift wrap, White Jewelry Box with Pink satin Bow-



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Sizing: Plea gift wrapse see sizing cha gift wraprts & info for the best fit! Review my crea gift wraption times- Rush service is a gift wrapva gift wrapila gift wrapble if needed. Conta gift wrapct me with a gift wrapny questions! Purcha gift wrapse this listing a gift wraplong with the item you wish to ha gift wrapve gift wra gift wrappped. This is the "a gift wrapdd gift pa gift wrapcka gift wrapging" option. You ma gift wrapy a gift wraplso choose "Gift Pa gift wrapcka gift wrapging" upon check out by selecting the a gift wrapdd gift wra gift wrapp option in your ca gift wraprt- Your jewelry item will be bea gift wraputifully pa gift wrapcka gift wrapged including a gift wrap da gift wraprling gift box with a gift wrap soft orga gift wrapnza gift wrap pouch a gift wrapll wra gift wrappped up in a gift wrap pretty pink bow a gift wrapnd nestled in pretty pink tissue pa gift wrapper. Rea gift wrapdy for gift giving!! Gift box is a gift wrappprox. 2" X 3". Perfect size for jewelry. My signa gift wrapture Pink sa gift wraptin ribbon is 7/8" ribbon a gift wrapnd tied in a gift wrap pretty bow.Plea gift wrapse lea gift wrapve a gift wrap "note to" seller a gift wrapt check out with a gift wrapny instruction to ha gift wrapve a gift wrap ca gift wraprd a gift wrapdded.And if you would like a gift wrap ca gift wraprd a gift wrapdded- the messa gift wrapge you would like on it. (if left bla gift wrapnk, no ca gift wraprd will be enclosed)**This item does not incur a gift wrapny a gift wrapdditiona gift wrapl shipping cha gift wraprges when purcha gift wrapsed with a gift wrap jewelry item from my shop.Tha gift wrapnk you for shopping! \u2665 Itty Bitty Bra gift wrapcelet Boutique \u2665More from this shop!http://www./shop/Ba gift wrapbysFirstKeepsa gift wrapke?ref=si_shop~~~~\u2022 SHIPPING \u2022~~~~I a gift wrapm pretty proud of my best a gift wrapnd lowest shipping prices!Your item(s) will be gift wra gift wrappped a gift wrapnd pa gift wrapcka gift wrapged in a gift wrap sma gift wrapll shipping box. Items a gift wrapre shipped via gift wrap USPS first cla gift wrapss ma gift wrapil. Insura gift wrapnce is not included. Let me know BEFORE ordering if you would like to a gift wrapdd insura gift wrapnce. For more info a gift wrapbout shipping, you ma gift wrapy view my policies pa gift wrapge or conta gift wrapct me :) Priority Ma gift wrapil a gift wrapva gift wrapila gift wrapble here:https://www./listing/97152555/priority-shipping-upgra gift wrapde?ga gift wrap_sea gift wraprch_query=priorityPlea gift wrapse review my shop policies before pla gift wrapcing your order with Itty Bitty Bra gift wrapcelets Boutique\u2122https://www./shop/Ba gift wrapbysFirstKeepsa gift wrapke/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna gift wrapvAll photos, Content a gift wrapnd Descriptions \u00a gift wrap9 2011-2012 Itty Bitty Bra gift wrapcelets Boutique\u2122. All rights reserved.

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