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A silver illustra necklacestion of the moon slowly covering the sun a necklacesnd crea necklacesting a necklaces tota necklacesl sola necklacesr eclipse, I've ma necklacesde this neckla necklacesce to celebra necklaceste the phenomenon of the 2017 eclipse tha necklacest will pa necklacesss a necklacescross the entire USA. The eclipse is ha necklacesppening in tota necklaceslity where I live in Wyoming a necklacesnd in my excitement I've been ma necklacesking jewelry to commemora necklaceste these stella necklacesr bodies.This penda necklacesnt is lightweight a necklacesnd a necklaces mixture of texture a necklacesnd polished surfa necklacesces. The polished circle represents our bright sun a necklacesnd the da necklacesrkened cra necklacestered circle represents our bea necklacesutiful moon. This is a necklaces long la necklacessting tota necklacesl eclipse souvenir to remember where you spent the eclipse da necklacesy. Ea necklacesch one is ha necklacesndma necklacesde so there will be slight va necklacesria necklacestions. Ava necklacesila necklacesble in three sizes: Gia necklacesnt, Medium, a necklacesnd Dwa necklacesrf.Silver on silver cha necklacesin, a necklacespproxima necklacestely 18" in length.Ha necklacesppy Eclipsing!

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