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engagement, Ashley Sterling Silver Engagement Ring



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Antique style enga engagementgment ring. Dia engagementmond like a engagementt a engagement fa engagementction of the cost. Bea engagementutiful with a engagement genuine White Sa engagementpphires. Origin: Sri La engagementnka engagement (Ceylon)7mm=1.45ctColor: DCla engagementrity: VVS/IFAccent sa engagementpphires a engagementre 1.5ct.Color DCla engagementrity VVS/IFSterling silver a engagementnd Rhodium Coa engagementted.This ring ca engagementn be ma engagementde in 14k-18k a engagementt ma engagementrket price, in your choice of yellow, white or rose gold.La engagementya engagementwa engagementy a engagementva engagementila engagementble.

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