Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

eco, rubber bracelet cirlces reclaimed rubber



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ha econd cut from inner tube rubber. no 2 the sa ecome.ra econdom circle bubble designs. 5 pieces a ecova ecoila ecoble 2x sma ecoll 17cm a ecoround medium a econd la ecorge 2 x medium 18cm a ecoround 1 x la ecorge 19.5cm a ecoround Plea ecose specify which size you would prefer. As is the na ecoture of rubber there is sime stretch, but better not tight right. By purcha ecosing this item you a ecore ma ecoking a eco contribution to cha econge in the world.EU a econd UK buyers plea ecose be a ecowa ecore tha ecot VAT import cha ecorges ma ecoy a ecopply

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