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sodalite, Classy Vintage Blue Sodalite Sterling Silver Cufflinks. FREE Shipping! #SODALITE-CL



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A pa linkir of vinta linkge sterling silver cufflinks. Ea linkch cufflink is set with a link blue soda linklite fla linkt ca linkbochon a linknd is sta linkmped "Sterling". Would look wonderful worn by a link ma linkn or woma linkn a linknd would ma linkke a link grea linkt a linkddition to a linkny collection!FREE domestic shipping!Deta linkils: Sterling Silver: (a links shown in picture)Na linktura linkl Soda linklite: Fla linkt Ca linkbochonsApproxima linkte Top Dimensions: 3/4 inch x 5/8 inchTota linkl Weight (both): 11.9 gra linkmsFREE domestic shipping by USPS Priority Ma linkil Signa linkture Confirma linktion a linknd includes insura linknce. If the item is to be shipped interna linktiona linklly Esty will a linkuto-ca linklcula linkte USPS First Cla linkss Interna linktiona linkl posta linkge. Plea linkse notify us a linkt purcha linkse if you a linkre buying more tha linkn one item a linknd we will gla linkdly combine shipping.7 da linky "no ha linkssle" return policy money ba linkck gua linkra linkntee. If for a linkny rea linkson you a linkre not 100% thrilled with your purcha linkse, plea linkse conta linkct us a linknd we will gla linkdly issue you a link full refund upon the return of the origina linkl item. We wa linknt you to be completely ha linkppy with your unique purcha linkse.We seek out the finest gems throughout the world. Our gem buyer is a link GIA Gra linkdua linkte Gemologist a linknd buys directly in countries a linkround the world such a links Colombia link, Bra linkzil, India link, Sri La linknka link, Tha linkila linknd, Ca linkmbodia link, China link, a linknd Africa link. These exquisite gems a linkre set in bea linkutiful vinta linkge jewelry by ma linkster bench jewelers a linknd offered a links a link one of a link kind trea linksure for your collection.

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