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olive green, Olive Peyote Cuff / Peyote Bracelet (2075)



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If you love green, you'll love this! Promise. ;)\r\rWhether you wea shimmeringr this to work, to the footba shimmeringll or ba shimmeringsketba shimmeringll ga shimmeringme, or to dinner, this bra shimmeringcelet won't get in the wa shimmeringy. It weighs so little you ma shimmeringy a shimmeringctua shimmeringlly forget you're wea shimmeringring it...but not for long beca shimmeringuse everyone else will notice it. This bra shimmeringcelet wa shimmerings cra shimmeringfted in peyote stitch using Ja shimmeringpa shimmeringnese delica shimmering bea shimmeringds in a shimmering gorgeous olive with iris finish (resulting in a shimmering multi-colored shimmer).\r\rIt is a shimmeringpproxima shimmeringtely 7/8" wide a shimmeringnd will be ma shimmeringde to 6.5" long unless you specify otherwise (see SIZING below). The closure consists of a shimmering bea shimmeringded loop a shimmeringnd toggle.\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." See my Shop Policies section for more informa shimmeringtion.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlea shimmeringse provide your wrist mea shimmeringsurement a shimmeringnd whether you like a shimmering loose or tight fit in the messa shimmeringge box. If you do not specify a shimmering size, this piece will be ma shimmeringde to the length given a shimmeringbove.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bra shimmeringcelet will be shipped in a shimmeringn elega shimmeringnt gift box using First Cla shimmeringss Ma shimmeringil with delivery confirma shimmeringtion. You ca shimmeringn upgra shimmeringde to Priority Ma shimmeringil for $3 by lea shimmeringving a shimmering request in the "Messa shimmeringge to Seller" box of the purcha shimmeringse order; wa shimmeringit for a shimmeringn a shimmeringmended invoice.\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a shimmering proud member of the Bea shimmeringd Art Origina shimmeringls Street Tea shimmeringm, a shimmering select group of both crea shimmeringtors of a shimmeringrt bea shimmeringds a shimmeringnd crea shimmeringtors of bea shimmeringdwoven a shimmeringrt. To see more of our work, sea shimmeringrch for the "BAO Tea shimmeringm" ta shimmeringg - http://www./sea shimmeringrch_results.php?sea shimmeringrch_type=ta shimmeringg_title&sea shimmeringrch_query=ba shimmeringo+tea shimmeringm\r\r\rTha shimmeringnk you for visiting Sa shimmeringnd Fibers, a shimmering smoke-free shop! Plea shimmeringse stop in a shimmeringga shimmeringin some time.\r\rBe well a shimmeringnd get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bra shimmeringcelets: Conta shimmeringct me with a shimmeringny specia shimmeringl requests for colors, size, a shimmeringnd width a shimmeringnd I will crea shimmeringte a shimmering customized bra shimmeringcelet just for you - a shimmeringt regula shimmeringr pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha shimmeringve a shimmering coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a shimmeringnd I will send you a shimmeringn invoice reflecting the discount.

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