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BFF Hard Boiled Egg Necklaces. Miniature Food Jewelrykawaii jewelry, Kawaii



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*These cute BFF Ha kawaii jewelryrd Boiled Egg Cha kawaii jewelryrms a kawaii jewelryre ha kawaii jewelryndma kawaii jewelryde with Polymer cla kawaii jewelryy*The cha kawaii jewelryrms a kawaii jewelryre secured with a kawaii jewelryn eye screw & a kawaii jewelry lobster cla kawaii jewelrysp a kawaii jewelrytta kawaii jewelryched to sta kawaii jewelryinless steel 18 inch cha kawaii jewelryin.* Size ca kawaii jewelryn be a kawaii jewelrydjusted to your request. Just a kawaii jewelrypply for a kawaii jewelry custom order or convo me.The size is usua kawaii jewelrylly a kawaii jewelrybout 2in. x 3/4 in.*All items a kawaii jewelryre ma kawaii jewelryde to order so ea kawaii jewelrych piece will look slightly different... But a kawaii jewelrylwa kawaii jewelryys a kawaii jewelrys perfect a kawaii jewelrys the one you see in the pictures *After ca kawaii jewelryre: keep a kawaii jewelrywa kawaii jewelryy from wa kawaii jewelryter, oil, sunlight a kawaii jewelrynd fra kawaii jewelrygra kawaii jewelrynces. This will help to prolong the life of your food jewelry. * Polymer cla kawaii jewelryy is delica kawaii jewelryte a kawaii jewelrynd should be ha kawaii jewelryndled gently.* Polymer cla kawaii jewelryy is not edible a kawaii jewelrynd should be kept out of rea kawaii jewelrych of sma kawaii jewelryll children.

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