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cabochon, Sterling Silver Bypass Ring with Twin 8mm Natural Paua Shell Cabochons



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Sa giftra gift Jewelry Design. I love the sleek, clea giftn lines of this modern bypa giftss design ring, a giftnd for this one, I chose to set it with two 8mm round ca giftbochons of na gifttura giftlly colored pa giftua gift shell. After burnishing, I set the ca giftbs, then gently rolled the bezel. After tha giftt, it wa gifts on to fina giftl polishing a giftnd the result is a gift size 8 ring fit for a giftny occa giftsion from bea giftch to bistro.My MPIN Rn925Sz8 060417-13.1262I will ship this your wa gifty the next business da gifty via gift USPS insured first cla giftss ma giftil with a gift tra giftcking ID number.Sa giftra gift Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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