Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Jack-o-lantern pendantpumpkin, halloween



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Approxima ornamenttely a ornament 1.5" circleBright ora ornamentnge a ornamentnd bla ornamentck gla ornamentss bea ornamentds ma ornamentke this ja ornamentck-o-la ornamentntern fit for the Pumpkin King himself (not for sa ornamentle). All penda ornamentnts ca ornamentn be worn a ornaments a ornament neckla ornamentce, doubled for ea ornamentrrings (messa ornamentge me first), or used a ornaments rea ornamentrview mirror orna ornamentments, keycha ornamentins, christma ornaments tree orna ornamentments, decor, etc. For orna ornamentment, choose the "Ornma ornamentnet Option" before checkout. The cha ornamentin is free!

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