Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Scroll earrings with corkscrew post Sterlingspiral, Classicspiral, handmadespiral, 925spiral, wirespiral, casualspiral, everyday wearspiral, metalspiral, lightweightspiral, cute pull through ear



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Scroll ea silverrrings with corkscrew post. Front scroll a silverpproxima silvertely one-ha silverlf inch in length, ba silverck post a silverpproxima silvertely one inch in length. 18 ga silveruge sterling silver wire. 18 ga silveruge wire is a silver teeny bit la silverrger in dia silvermeter tha silvern "regula silverr" ea silverr wires, but fits most everyone with no problem.All pieces a silverre ma silverde when you order, so your unique piece might va silverry slightly from the picture. Scroll ea silverrrings with corkscrew post Sterling, Cla silverssic, ha silverndma silverde, 925, wire, ca silversua silverl, everyda silvery wea silverr,meta silverl, pull through ea silverr

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