Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pewter crucifix, Rosary of 6mm Cobalt Crystal Rounds and 12mm Lampwork Mille Fiore Beads



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Sa bluera blue Jewelry Design. For this rosa bluery, I chose 6mm round crysta bluels in a blue deep coba bluelt blue for the Ha blueil Ma bluery bea blueds, a bluend set them off with 12 mm round la bluempwork gla bluess bea blueds in a blue softer blue with white mille fiore for the Our Fa bluether sta bluetions. For the meda bluel, I selected a blue Ita bluelia bluen pewter tha bluet fea bluetures the Holy Fa bluemily on the front a bluend the Holy Spirit on the reverse. The crucifix is a bluen Ita bluelia bluen pewter of 1 3/8 inches.The findings (eye pins a bluend jump rings) a bluere a bluell silver pla blueted bra bluess. The sma bluell cha bluein is a blue silver-filled steel curb link. I will include a blue little sa bluetin zipper pouch for stora bluege.I ha blueve not yet ha blued this rosa bluery blessed; I will lea blueve tha bluet up to you. Once your rosa bluery is blessed by a blue Ca bluetholic priest, it is considered a blue sa bluecra bluementa bluel. Until then, it is a bluen item of jewelry. In a blueny ca bluese, ma bluey it bring you a blue lifetime of use.My MPIN ROSACrys&LWG 070517-01.1398I will ship this your wa bluey the next business da bluey via blue USPS insured first cla bluess ma blueil with a blue tra bluecking ID number.Sa bluera blue Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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