Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dog collectible, White Poodle Dog hand Painted Reversible Pendant Chain Necklace Jewelry OOAK



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One of a dog portrait kind neckla dog portraitce ma dog portraitde with bea dog portraitds a dog portraitnd a dog portrait ha dog portraitnd pa dog portraitinted cera dog portraitmic penda dog portraitnt.The neckla dog portraitce is 21' inches long a dog portraitnd the penda dog portraitnt 2 " x 2" inches The penda dog portraitnt is pa dog portraitinted on the purple side a dog portraitnd is reversible with a dog portrait colorful design on the other side.Plea dog portraitse ema dog portraitil me if you ha dog portraitve a dog portraitny questions. Tha dog portraitnks for looking.

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