Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a wedding jewelry bea wedding jewelryutiful pa wedding jewelryir of vinta wedding jewelryge runwa wedding jewelryy couture duster fa wedding jewelryux pea wedding jewelryrl berry a wedding jewelrynd fa wedding jewelryux bronze lea wedding jewelryf ea wedding jewelryrrings.These a wedding jewelryma wedding jewelryzing clip ea wedding jewelryrrings fea wedding jewelryture a wedding jewelry 1" pebble texture gold tone disk with lustrous ha wedding jewelryrd pla wedding jewelrystic fa wedding jewelryux pea wedding jewelryrl bea wedding jewelryd a wedding jewelryt the center. Da wedding jewelryngling from a wedding jewelry long cha wedding jewelryin a wedding jewelryre individua wedding jewelrylly a wedding jewelrytta wedding jewelryched fa wedding jewelryux pea wedding jewelryrl bea wedding jewelryds a wedding jewelrynd bronze coa wedding jewelryted lea wedding jewelryves.Bea wedding jewelryutiful for cruise, evening, pa wedding jewelrygea wedding jewelrynt runwa wedding jewelryy, a wedding jewelrynd brida wedding jewelryl wedding occa wedding jewelrysions (especia wedding jewelrylly a wedding jewelry bea wedding jewelrych theme wedding)!~ MEASUREMENT: 1-1/4" wide x 4-1/4" long~ CONDITION: Lovely vinta wedding jewelryge condition~ SIGNED: Unsigned but nicely ma wedding jewelrydeITEM #8CR316*** Be sure to view more jewelry a wedding jewelrynd a wedding jewelryccessory items a wedding jewelryt: www./shop/a wedding jewelrypla wedding jewelryceofdistinction*** Don’t miss my home décor shop a wedding jewelryt: www./shop/cha wedding jewelryntecla wedding jewelryirinteriors*** View my vinta wedding jewelryge linen, la wedding jewelryce a wedding jewelrynd millinery items a wedding jewelryt: www./shop/thela wedding jewelryceemporium

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