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SALE -Industrial Riveted Sea Glass Earringssterling silver, Sterling Silver and Frosted Glass -SALE



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SALE! Sa sterling silverve over 25% (wa sterling silvers $26.00)I ha sterling silverve selected 4 different frosted gla sterling silverss rondelles to offer for Spring a sterling silvernd Summer in my riveted ea sterling silverrrings. These a sterling silverre bea sterling silverutifully ma sterling silverde, solid color, 'sea sterling silver gla sterling silverss' bea sterling silverds. They a sterling silverre 12.5 mm in dia sterling silvermeter a sterling silvernd wra sterling silverpped with sterling silver. Choose your fa sterling silvervorite color in the drop down menu or get one of ea sterling silverch! La sterling silverst picture shows the green color better tha sterling silvern the picture ta sterling silverken in the sun. They a sterling silverre 1 1/2 inches long a sterling silvernd ca sterling silvern be ma sterling silverde na sterling silvertura sterling silverlly shiny or oxidized. The Blue a sterling silvernd White pa sterling silverirs a sterling silverre shown na sterling silvertura sterling silverlly shiny a sterling silvernd the green a sterling silvernd the brown a sterling silverre shown oxidized.These ea sterling silverrrings a sterling silverre ma sterling silverde to order. Plea sterling silverse a sterling silverllow up to 72 hours( usua sterling silverlly less!) for your ea sterling silverrrings to ship.These a sterling silverre oxidized, selectively ha sterling silverve polished a sterling silvernd tumbled for a sterling silverdded strength a sterling silvernd shine.

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