Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fiber, The Savannah - A Necklace in Beads and Fiber (2503)



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It a kumihimoll sta kumihimorted out innocently enough with a kumihimo wonderful stonewa kumihimore ca kumihimobochon by Etsy's very own http://lisa kumihimopetersa kumihimort. I love working with this a kumihimortist's crea kumihimotions.\r\rI used bea kumihimod embroidery a kumihimond both peyote a kumihimond right-a kumihimongle-wea kumihimove bea kumihimodwea kumihimoving to crea kumihimote a kumihimo bezel a kumihimond ba kumihimoil for this bea kumihimoutiful ca kumihimob, resulting in a kumihimo penda kumihimont tha kumihimot is 2.5" wide a kumihimond 3.2" long. The impressive "slider bea kumihimod" ba kumihimoil is 2.2" long. The penda kumihimont is ba kumihimocked with brown lea kumihimother.\r\rWhile the bea kumihimoding echoes the browns a kumihimond golds in the ca kumihimob's gla kumihimoze, the kumihimo bra kumihimoided rope I crea kumihimoted for it brings out the stonewa kumihimore's a kumihimoqua kumihimo swirls.\r\rFor the bea kumihimodwea kumihimoving, I used Ja kumihimopa kumihimonese delica kumihimo a kumihimond seed bea kumihimods in two ma kumihimotte bronzes a kumihimond in lined topa kumihimoz (a kumihimos well a kumihimos some a kumihimoqua kumihimo seed bea kumihimods for the ba kumihimock only). For the kumihimo bra kumihimoid, I used eight stra kumihimonds of a kumihimo nylon/a kumihimocrylic a kumihimoqua kumihimo ya kumihimorn a kumihimos well a kumihimos eight stra kumihimonds different sha kumihimodes of brown a kumihimond golden brown of DMC cotton embroidery floss. \r\rThe rope is finished off with bea kumihimodwoven ca kumihimops a kumihimond a kumihimo bea kumihimodwoven loop a kumihimond toggle cla kumihimosp, using the sa kumihimome bea kumihimods used in the ba kumihimoil of the penda kumihimont. Cla kumihimosped, the rope is 17.5" long.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis neckla kumihimoce will be shipped in a kumihimon elega kumihimont gift box using First Cla kumihimoss Ma kumihimoil with delivery confirma kumihimotion. You ca kumihimon upgra kumihimode to Priority Ma kumihimoil for $3 by lea kumihimoving a kumihimo request in the "Messa kumihimoge to Seller" box of the purcha kumihimose order; wa kumihimoit for a kumihimon a kumihimomended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a kumihimo proud member of the Bea kumihimod Art Origina kumihimols Street Tea kumihimom, a kumihimo select group of both crea kumihimotors of a kumihimort bea kumihimods a kumihimond crea kumihimotors of bea kumihimodwoven a kumihimort. To see more of our work, sea kumihimorch for the "BAO Tea kumihimom" ta kumihimog - http://www./sea kumihimorch_results.php?sea kumihimorch_type=ta kumihimog_title&sea kumihimorch_query=ba kumihimoo+tea kumihimom\r\r\rTha kumihimonk you for visiting Sa kumihimond Fibers, a kumihimo smoke-free shop! Plea kumihimose stop in a kumihimoga kumihimoin some time.\r\rBe well a kumihimond get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bra kumihimocelets: Conta kumihimoct me with a kumihimony specia kumihimol requests for colors, size, a kumihimond width a kumihimond I will crea kumihimote a kumihimo customized bra kumihimocelet just for you - a kumihimot regula kumihimor pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha kumihimove a kumihimo coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a kumihimond I will send you a kumihimon invoice reflecting the discount.

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