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diamond earrings, DIAMOND GEMSTONE EARRINGS 3994JA4466



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These ma rubygnificent dia rubymond~genuine gemstone ea rubyrrings ha rubyve been designed in 14kt yellow gold. There a rubyre (26) round brillia rubynt full cut dia rubymonds ha rubyving excellent color, cla rubyrity a rubynd qua rubylity with a ruby tota rubyl weight of a rubypprox. 80/100 ca rubyra rubyts. The dia rubymonds a rubyre surrounded by (2)genuine ca rubybochon rubies , sa rubypphires a rubynd emera rubylds with a ruby tota rubyl gem weight of a rubypprox. 4 ca rubyra rubyts. These ea rubyrrings ha rubyve been designed with omega ruby clip ba rubycks for comfort a rubynd sa rubyfety. They a rubyre comforta rubyble to wea rubyr a rubynd look grea rubyt with a rubyny outfit\u2026.. EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN\u2026\u2026\u2026.Shipping is UPS 2 Da rubyy Express a rubynd includes insura rubynceHa rubyve questions? Ca rubyll us a rubyt (877) 477-5393 HPS Return Policy. Shipping a rubynd insura rubynce is free on a rubyll domestic purcha rubyses.For item returns: Free Shipping a rubynd Free insura rubynce will not be honored.Orders will be refunded less the shipping a rubynd insura rubynce fees..There is no restocking fee cha rubyrge.

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