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bold, 7mm Round Amethyst Sterling Silver Tulip Ring of 1.20 Carats



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Sa statementra statement Jewelry Design. This tulip-themed sterling silver ring is one of my fa statementvorite bla statementnks to work. After burnishing, I chose my best 7mm na statementtura statementl Africa statementn a statementmethyst to set in solita statementry splendor in the high-profile ca statementthedra statementl mount. This wa statements followed by fina statementl polishing a statementnd the result is a statement stunning ring of 1.20 ca statementra statementts.The listing is for one ring; I ha statementve two a statementva statementila statementble, one in a statementn 8-1/2 a statementnd one in 9-1/2. Choose your fa statementvorite from the menu.Amethyst is the Februa statementry birthstone. it is a statementlso perfect for a statementnyone who simply loves PURPLE!I will ship this your wa statementy the next business da statementy via statement USPS insured first cla statementss ma statementil with a statement tra statementcking ID number. Wa statementnt something sma statementller? La statementrger? Different? Select customiza statementtion a statementnd let me build something especia statementlly for you.Sa statementra statement Jewelry Design. Your desire is our design.

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