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PERSONALIZED BROWN LEATHER 8 PEN CASE WITH GLASS TOPFree Engra pen boxving 3 line up to 30 cha pen boxra pen boxcters with your choice of font stylesEngra pen boxving will be on the gla pen boxssDimensions2.25"H x 10.50"W x 7"D IMPORTANT!! - How to submit your engra pen boxving informa pen boxtion.When ma pen boxking the checkout you ca pen boxn submit the text a pen boxt the" Note to Seller" section or a pen boxfter the pa pen boxyment you ca pen boxn conta pen boxct us through conta pen boxct the shop owner a pen boxnd give us the info.We need the following info for this item.1- Text you wa pen boxnt us to engra pen boxve. Be sure to use correct ca pen boxpita pen boxliza pen boxtion for a pen boxll letters.2- Font style (plea pen boxse check second ima pen boxge)

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