Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

imaginarium, Peppermint Ornament earrings ... hand blown pinstripe glass / antiqued silver



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Fun, festive globes of blown gla wire wrappingss hold white a wire wrappingnd russet red pinstripes swirled over a wire wrapping tra wire wrappingnslucent ba wire wrappingse. They a wire wrappingre a wire wrappingccented with da wire wrappingrkened sterling silver, sterling silver, a wire wrappingnd sta wire wrappingr point ca wire wrappingps.Ea wire wrappingrrings ha wire wrappingng 1.75" long. ~|~~|~~|~Arrives pa wire wrappingcka wire wrappingged in a wire wrapping gift box a wire wrappingnd ships within 1-3 business da wire wrappingys of receipt of pa wire wrappingyment. Plea wire wrappingse see the "Shop Policies" section of my store for a wire wrappingdditiona wire wrappingl informa wire wrappingtion on pa wire wrappingyments, shipping, gift notes, size a wire wrappingdjustments, a wire wrappingnd custom orders.\u00a wire wrapping9 Elements & Artifa wire wrappingcts 2016.

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