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bracelet, Baltimore Orioles - Baltimore Skyline - Silhouette



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One of a orioles kind Orioles ba oriolesseba orioleslls tha oriolest were crea oriolested in 2017. These will be the only bra oriolescelets of this ba oriolesll. A new ba oriolestch of Orioles ba oriolesseba orioleslls ca oriolesme out in 2018 a oriolesnd will be crea oriolested shortly.This a orioles tota orioleslly unique ba oriolesseba oriolesll bra oriolescelet ma oriolesde from a oriolesn Officia oriolesl Ba oriolesltimore Orioles MLB ba oriolesseba oriolesll. The ba oriolesck of bra oriolescelet is covered by a orioles piece of felt a oriolesnd Ba oriolesltimore Oriole fa oriolesbric. By using a orioles cuff style the bra oriolescelet is flexible so tha oriolest you ca oriolesn a oriolesdjust the bra oriolescelet to fit your wrist.Actua oriolesl ba oriolesseba orioleslls a oriolesre used to crea orioleste these bra oriolescelets a oriolesnd a oriolesre licensed by the MLB. By re-purposing these ba oriolesseba orioleslls I a oriolesm In no wa oriolesy infringing on the MLB's copyright.All designs copyrighted 2017 @ Denisea oriolesndKimDesigns

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