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flame jewelry, CROSS Sacred Heart With Flame Top Sterling Silver Medium Sized Cross On Black Cord Artist Made OOAK Hand Crafted Carved Finish Catholic Icon



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This one of a sterling silver kind cross wa sterling silvers designed a sterling silvernd ca sterling silverrved in wa sterling silverx by me a sterling silvernd then ca sterling silverst in top qua sterling silverlity Sterling silver.The ma sterling silverin body of the cross mea sterling silversures a sterling silverbout 2" long by 1" wide a sterling silvernd ha sterling silvers a sterling silver lined (a sterling silverlmost) ba sterling silverrk-like finish tha sterling silvert ha sterling silversa sterling silver light a sterling silverntique to show a sterling silverll the deta sterling silveril a sterling silvernd soft ma sterling silvertte finish.Cross a sterling silvernd jump ring a sterling silverre completely solid, not hollow.It ha sterling silvers a sterling silver 3 dimensiona sterling silverl ra sterling silverised sa sterling silvercred hea sterling silverrt with fla sterling silvermes tha sterling silvert is high polished to sta sterling silvernd out a sterling silvernd a sterling silver la sterling silverrge hea sterling silvervy jump ringtha sterling silvert will a sterling silverccommoda sterling silverte a sterling silver va sterling silverriety of cha sterling silverin sizes. The price is for the cross only but I will include the bla sterling silverck nylon a sterling silverdjusta sterling silverble cord in the photo so tha sterling silvert it ca sterling silvern be worn right a sterling silverwa sterling silvery.Tha sterling silvernks for looking!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My ca sterling silverrt is set a sterling silvert a sterling silver fla sterling silvert ra sterling silverte for USPS First Cla sterling silverss Ma sterling silveril. You will ha sterling silverve a sterling silver option a sterling silvert checkout to upgra sterling silverde to USPS Priority Ma sterling silveril if you like. Tra sterling silvercking is included with both.I will not be responsible for lost or stolen pa sterling silvercka sterling silverges tha sterling silvert ha sterling silverve been shown a sterling silvers "delivered" through tra sterling silvercking.First Cla sterling silverss ma sterling silveril is estima sterling silverted a sterling silvert 3-5 business da sterling silverys but ca sterling silvern be up to 10+ da sterling silverys in ra sterling silverre ca sterling silverses. Of course, wea sterling silverther a sterling silvernd holida sterling silverys ca sterling silvern a sterling silverlso pla sterling silvery a sterling silver role in a sterling silverdding a sterling silverdditiona sterling silverl da sterling silverys to your shipping. Priority ma sterling silveril is genera sterling silverlly 1-3 business da sterling silverys.I do my very best to ma sterling silverke sure your pa sterling silvercka sterling silverge will a sterling silverrrive sa sterling silverfely a sterling silvernd quickly. Plea sterling silverse understa sterling silvernd tha sterling silvert once it lea sterling silverves my ha sterling silvernds I ha sterling silverve no control of exa sterling silverctly when your item will get to you. You will be a sterling silverble to check the sta sterling silvertus of your shipping with the tra sterling silvercking informa sterling silvertion you will receive once the item ha sterling silvers left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I ha sterling silverve removed Interna sterling silvertiona sterling silverl shipping from my ca sterling silverrt but a sterling silverm ha sterling silverppy to ship to most loca sterling silvertions a sterling silvers long a sterling silvers you conta sterling silverct me first.Plea sterling silverse do not ma sterling silverke the purcha sterling silverse of your desired item before conta sterling silvercting me.Convo me your full a sterling silverddress a sterling silvernd the item/items you a sterling silverre interested in so tha sterling silvert I ca sterling silvern ca sterling silverlcula sterling silverte exa sterling silverct shipping a sterling silvernd set up a sterling silver specia sterling silverllisting for you. I will ONLY send Interna sterling silvertiona sterling silverl by wa sterling silvery of USPS Priority tha sterling silvert includes insura sterling silvernce a sterling silvernd tra sterling silvercking.

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