Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pagan necklace, Red Orange Resin Cat Woman Pendant Pagan element EARTH nude cat gothic necklace



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I designed this series of ca pendant necklacet women penda pendant necklacents to express the different na pendant necklacetura pendant necklacel elements of Ea pendant necklacerth, Wa pendant necklaceter, Air a pendant necklacend Fire.The red ora pendant necklacenge Ea pendant necklacerth ca pendant necklacet is fertile, nurturing a pendant necklacend sta pendant necklaceble. She is very feminine a pendant necklacend pa pendant necklacessiona pendant necklacete.I sculpted the penda pendant necklacents in cheva pendant necklacent cla pendant necklacey a pendant necklacend then ma pendant necklacede silicone molds from this origina pendant necklacel. The pieces a pendant necklacere then ca pendant necklacest in resin, pa pendant necklaceinted with spra pendant necklacey ena pendant necklacemel a pendant necklacend a pendant necklacecrylic pa pendant necklaceint. The penda pendant necklacents a pendant necklacere finished off with clea pendant necklacercoa pendant necklacet to protect the pa pendant necklaceint job. Bla pendant necklaceck felt finishes off the ba pendant necklaceck of the penda pendant necklacent.The 1.5 inch or 2.54 cm penda pendant necklacent is strung on bla pendant necklaceck suede cord 18 inches or 45.72 cm in length. The brown wooden bea pendant necklaced is strung on the cord so you ca pendant necklacen a pendant necklacedjust the length of the cord when wea pendant necklacering the penda pendant necklacent.If you ha pendant necklaceve a pendant necklaceny questions or would like a pendant necklace penda pendant necklacent in a pendant necklace custom color, plea pendant necklacese feel free to conta pendant necklacect us.We ship interna pendant necklacetiona pendant necklacelly. Our shipping fees include pa pendant necklacecka pendant necklaceging a pendant necklaces well a pendant necklaces posta pendant necklacege. Any posta pendant necklacege cost overa pendant necklacege on our pa pendant necklacert tha pendant necklacet is over 1.00 will be refunded.

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