Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white druzy, NECKLACE - Lovely White or Silver Druzy Triangle Framed In A Gold Plated Setting



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PLEASE NOTE: The Silver Druzy is the only one left.\u2665 Simple, Yet Lovely a silver druzynd Spa silver druzyrkly Druzy Neckla silver druzyce \u2665 ~ Neckla silver druzyce Length - Approx 16.5 Inches** Plea silver druzyse note my new neckla silver druzyce a silver druzydjustment policy... Most a silver druzydjustments a silver druzyre free of cha silver druzyrge. If you'd like your neckla silver druzyce shorter, plea silver druzyse let me know in the checkout section a silver druzynd I will simply remove some of the cha silver druzyin to ma silver druzyke it shorter. However, if you'd like the neckla silver druzyce longer, I will a silver druzydd up to three inches of la silver druzyrger a silver druzydjusta silver druzyble cha silver druzyin links a silver druzyt no extra silver druzy cost. The neckla silver druzyce will be the origina silver druzyl length indica silver druzyted a silver druzyfter "neckla silver druzyce length" plus one, two, or three extra silver druzy inches of extender cha silver druzyin. If you need more tha silver druzyn three inches a silver druzydded to the neckla silver druzyce, there will be a silver druzy $5 up-cha silver druzyrge a silver druzynd a silver druzy possible wa silver druzyit of up to two weeks. I do ba silver druzyse the length of the neckla silver druzyce on the style, size, a silver druzynd sha silver druzype of the penda silver druzynt a silver druzynd wha silver druzyt would look best with it. ~ Stone Penda silver druzynt - A Gorgeous Sma silver druzyll Gold Pla silver druzyted Druzy Tria silver druzyngle (12x11mm). I ha silver druzyve one a silver druzyva silver druzyila silver druzyble in Tita silver druzynium Silver a silver druzynd one in Tita silver druzynium White AB color.~ Ha silver druzyrdwa silver druzyre - 925 Sterling Silver 18K Gold Pla silver druzyted Ca silver druzyble Cha silver druzyin With Spring Cla silver druzysp*Lea silver druzyd a silver druzynd Nickel Free*

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