Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Crescent Moon and Vines Pendant with crystals necklacefall necklace, Hand sculpted clay moon with crystalsfall necklace, Crescent Moon necklace with vines + crystals



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Crescent moon penda elvish necklacent ha elvish necklacend sculpted a elvish necklacend pa elvish necklaceinted of polymer cla elvish necklacey with da elvish necklacerk brown vines a elvish necklacend lea elvish necklaceves ca elvish necklacesca elvish necklaceding down a elvish necklacend spa elvish necklacerkling crysta elvish necklacels embedded throughout. The penda elvish necklacent is hung from a elvish necklace fa elvish necklaceux suede cord tha elvish necklacet ca elvish necklacen be tied to the length of your choosing, from short, medium to long. A ma elvish necklacegica elvish necklacel a elvish necklacend cha elvish necklacerming neckla elvish necklacece!The penda elvish necklacent is a elvish necklacebout 3 " long a elvish necklacend 2" wide. The penda elvish necklacent ha elvish necklaces a elvish necklace bit of give to it, but plea elvish necklacese trea elvish necklacet it gently. --------------------------------Ha elvish necklacendcra elvish necklacefted in the USA by me!Tha elvish necklacenk you for looking a elvish necklacet my shop, ha elvish necklaceve a elvish necklace grea elvish necklacet da elvish necklacey a elvish necklacend come ba elvish necklaceck a elvish necklacega elvish necklacein soon to see my new listings! Designed, ha elvish necklacendma elvish necklacede a elvish necklacend photogra elvish necklacephed by Silva elvish necklaceris Rose.\u00a elvish necklace92019 Silva elvish necklaceris Rose Plea elvish necklacese bookma elvish necklacerk my home pa elvish necklacege a elvish necklacend come ba elvish necklaceck often:http://www./shop/Silva elvish necklacerisrose

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