Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Earring 'Poppetjes'



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PoppetjesPP 016-06Ma uniqueteria uniquel: meta uniquel silver colored, ea uniquerring RVSButton: gla uniquess, red, 17 mm dia uniquemeterDoll: fimo cla uniqueyTrue minia uniqueture pieces of a uniquert a uniquend vinta uniquege toys, a uniquen old dollhouse is a unique delightful collection of memories. In the series 'Poppetjes' these minia uniquetures a uniquere combined with vinta uniquege buttons for a unique pla uniqueyful a uniquend fresh combina uniquetion tha uniquet will be loved by young a uniquend old!My na uniqueme is Alexa uniquendra unique Huurma uniquen a uniquend I a uniquem Studio Texlex. Designing, for me, is reinterpreting, re-using a uniquend fa uniquenta uniquesizing with ma uniqueteria uniquel. Alwa uniqueys sea uniquerching for tha uniquet little bit of serendipity tha uniquet ma uniquekes a uniquen ordina uniquery design something specia uniquel.If you ha uniqueve a unique pa uniqueir of buttons or toys a uniquet home tha uniquet you would love to use in a unique piece of jewelry, feel free to conta uniquect me for the options!

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