Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

reminder, Luck Reminder Token Charm Bracelet or Necklace



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In a clover field full of three lea cloverf clovers, you ca clovern a cloverlwa cloverys Ma cloverke Your Own Luck!Pa cloverir it with: Horseshoe cha cloverrm, Elepha clovernt cha cloverrm\u2022Lea cloverd free\u2022Nickel free\u2022Ha clovernd pa cloverinted\u2022Neckla cloverce: 18" cha cloverin\u2022Bra clovercelet: ba cloverngle with closure, one size fits mostBeca cloveruse our items a cloverre a cloverll gleefully ha clovernd pa cloverinted, these pieces ca clovern be ordered in custom colors! Select the "Custom Color" option in the Color drop down menu a clovernd put your preferred color in the notes a clovert checkout!

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