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cuff, Bright Opposing Triangles Peyote Cuff (2450) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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I've resurrected a fuchsia pinknd ja fuchsia pinkzzed up one of my older designs. The la fuchsia pinkst time I ma fuchsia pinkde this cuff I used soft pa fuchsia pinkstel colors. Not this time! Bright ora fuchsia pinknge a fuchsia pinknd fuchsia fuchsia pink a fuchsia pinknd da fuchsia pinkrk brown tria fuchsia pinkngles a fuchsia pinkre outlined in gold for a fuchsia pink modern, elega fuchsia pinknt look.\r\rWea fuchsia pinkr this to work, to dinner, to the pa fuchsia pinkrty of the yea fuchsia pinkr. This bra fuchsia pinkcelet will fit in just a fuchsia pinkbout a fuchsia pinknywhere, from the most ca fuchsia pinksua fuchsia pinkl to the most elega fuchsia pinknt situa fuchsia pinktion. \r\rThe photogra fuchsia pinkphs were ta fuchsia pinkken in the sha fuchsia pinkde. The colors of the bea fuchsia pinkds on this cuff will da fuchsia pinknce with even the slightest movement in indoor a fuchsia pinknd outdoor light. This cuff should not be purcha fuchsia pinksed by wa fuchsia pinkllflowers who a fuchsia pinkren't comforta fuchsia pinkble with a fuchsia pinkttention.\r\rThe cuff is done in ba fuchsia pinksic 2-drop odd-count peyote stitch using Ja fuchsia pinkpa fuchsia pinknese delica fuchsia pink bea fuchsia pinkds in 24kt gold-pla fuchsia pinkte, silver-lined fuchsia fuchsia pink a fuchsia pinknd ora fuchsia pinknge, a fuchsia pinknd da fuchsia pinkrk bronze. The closure is a fuchsia pink 3-d open tria fuchsia pinkngle a fuchsia pinknd toggle bea fuchsia pinkd. The bra fuchsia pinkcelet is 1.6" wide a fuchsia pinknd the bea fuchsia pinkded ba fuchsia pinknd section is 6.5" long. Including cla fuchsia pinksp, the piece mea fuchsia pinksures 7.75" The toggle cla fuchsia pinksp provides extra fuchsia pink room once the cuff is on, so this will provide a fuchsia pink loose fit on a fuchsia pink 6.5" wrist. I do not, however, recommend it for a fuchsia pink much la fuchsia pinkrger wrist beca fuchsia pinkuse the "clea fuchsia pinkra fuchsia pinknce" is needed to close the cla fuchsia pinksp.\r\r**** If you a fuchsia pinkre a fuchsia pink bea fuchsia pinkder who would like to ma fuchsia pinkke this cuff for yourself, the Sa fuchsia pinknd Fibers pa fuchsia pinkttern is a fuchsia pinkva fuchsia pinkila fuchsia pinkble here: http://www./shop/Sa fuchsia pinkndFibers?section_id=5592136 ****\r\rSIZING\r\rWhile I ca fuchsia pinknnot resize this pa fuchsia pinkrticula fuchsia pinkr cuff, I ca fuchsia pinkn ma fuchsia pinkke one to fit you. Just lea fuchsia pinkve your wrist mea fuchsia pinksurement in the Notes to Seller when you purcha fuchsia pinkse the listing.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bra fuchsia pinkcelet will be shipped in a fuchsia pinkn elega fuchsia pinknt gift box using First Cla fuchsia pinkss Ma fuchsia pinkil with delivery confirma fuchsia pinktion. You ca fuchsia pinkn upgra fuchsia pinkde to Priority Ma fuchsia pinkil for $3 by lea fuchsia pinkving a fuchsia pink request in the "Messa fuchsia pinkge to Seller" box of the purcha fuchsia pinkse order; wa fuchsia pinkit for a fuchsia pinkn a fuchsia pinkmended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a fuchsia pink proud member of the Bea fuchsia pinkd Art Origina fuchsia pinkls Street Tea fuchsia pinkm, a fuchsia pink select group of both crea fuchsia pinktors of a fuchsia pinkrt bea fuchsia pinkds a fuchsia pinknd crea fuchsia pinktors of bea fuchsia pinkdwoven a fuchsia pinkrt. To see more of our work, sea fuchsia pinkrch for the "BAO Tea fuchsia pinkm" ta fuchsia pinkg - http://www./sea fuchsia pinkrch_results.php?sea fuchsia pinkrch_type=ta fuchsia pinkg_title&sea fuchsia pinkrch_query=ba fuchsia pinko+tea fuchsia pinkm\r\r\rTha fuchsia pinknk you for visiting Sa fuchsia pinknd Fibers, a fuchsia pink smoke-free shop! Plea fuchsia pinkse stop in a fuchsia pinkga fuchsia pinkin some time.\r\rBe well a fuchsia pinknd get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bra fuchsia pinkcelets: Conta fuchsia pinkct me with a fuchsia pinkny specia fuchsia pinkl requests for colors, size, a fuchsia pinknd width a fuchsia pinknd I will crea fuchsia pinkte a fuchsia pink customized bra fuchsia pinkcelet just for you - a fuchsia pinkt regula fuchsia pinkr pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha fuchsia pinkve a fuchsia pink coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a fuchsia pinknd I will send you a fuchsia pinkn invoice reflecting the discount.

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