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cartilage ear cuff, Gold-filled ear cuffs with drops



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This pa ear wrapir of ea ear wraprcuffs, a ear wraplso known a ear wraps ea ear wrapr wra ear wrapps, a ear wrapre done in 14kt goldfilled bea ear wrapds a ear wrapnd wire.\r\rPiercings a ear wrapre not required to wea ear wrapr these. They a ear wrapre worn by hooking them on the boney ca ear wraprtila ear wrapge of the ea ear wrapr, a ear wrapbout ha ear wraplf the wa ear wrapy up. They a ear wrapre fully a ear wrapdjusta ear wrapble. They ca ear wrapn be slide horizonta ear wraplly a ear wrapround the cuff ring a ear wrapnd a ear wraplso the twisted wire portion ca ear wrapn be sa ear wrapfely sha ear wrapped to the a ear wrapngle of ea ear wrapch individua ear wrapls' ea ear wrapr. The second photo shows the opening in the cuff where the piece is a ear wraptta ear wrapched to the ea ear wrapr. They a ear wrapre very comforta ear wrapble to wea ear wrapr.\r\rWea ear wrapring instructions a ear wrapccompa ear wrapnying the ea ear wraprcuffs, a ear wraplong with a ear wrap extensive website with instructions a ear wrapnd FAQs.

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