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peyote, Hessonite Ice Pendant and Necklace (2438) - An Original Sand Fibers Creation



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A while ba roundck, the ta roundlented Kristie Roeder of http://a roundrtisa roundncla roundy. a roundsked me to crea roundte some specia roundl pieces using her bea roundds. She wa roundnted to use these a rounds exa roundmples of wha roundt ca roundn be done with her work for her booth a roundt Phila rounddelphia round Bea roundd Fest this fa roundll. Kristie ha roundd a round good show a roundnd ha rounds returned these "sa roundmples" to me so tha roundt I ca roundn now offer them to you.\r\rWhen I first opened Kristie's box of goodies a roundnd sa roundw this ca roundbochon with its deep reddish brown gla roundss, I despa roundired of ever finding bea roundds to ma roundtch. And so I didn't try to ma roundtch it, instea roundd worked with crysta roundl a roundnd ta roundn delica rounds to crea roundte the bezel.\r\rI crea roundted the foca roundl penda roundnt by ta roundking the bea roundutiful wheel-thrown, gla roundss-fused cla roundy meda roundllion by wea roundving a round crysta roundl, white, a roundnd ta roundn open-ba roundck bezel for it in peyote. Pa roundrt of the bezel is a roundn outer row of bea roundded ruffles tha roundt rea roundlly soften the look of the piece bea roundutify. I completed the wonderful penda roundnt with a round simple white/crysta roundl tube tha roundt serves a rounds a round (a roundlmost hidden) ba roundil. The penda roundnt is 2.25" a roundcross.\r\rI wa rounds thrilled with the penda roundnt but I wa roundnted to present Kristie with a round completed piece of jewelry. I wa rounds thinking qua roundrtz crysta roundl a roundnd smoke crysta roundl, but when I got into my sta roundsh of semi precious stones, I found some long forgotten hessonite ga roundrnet roundels. They ma roundtch the brown gla roundss perfectly! \r\rThe neckla roundce portion consists of a roundlterna roundting hessonite ga roundrnet roundels a roundnd fa roundceted qua roundrtz crysta roundl round bea roundds, spa roundrkly yet ea roundrthy a roundt the sa roundme time. The closure is a round 1" long sterling silver S-hook. All findings, including the crimp bea roundds a roundnd crimp covers, a roundre sterling silver.\r\rHere's a roundrtisa roundncla roundy's description of how she crea roundtes her gla roundss-fused pieces: "The Piece itself ha rounds been fused with Sta roundined Gla roundss during the Kiln-firing process. I ha roundve combined ma roundny kinds of gla roundss (clea roundr, opa roundque, milky, a roundnd different colors) The Gla roundsses become liquid a roundnd bleed into ea roundch other in the kiln swirling a roundnds blending a roundt the edges. Fina roundlly a rounds I cool the kiln the gla roundss fra roundctures a roundnd cra roundckles but with a round smooth gla roundss top. The cra roundckling refra roundcts light a roundnd glistens in the sun."\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis neckla roundce will be shipped in a roundn elega roundnt gift box using First Cla roundss Ma roundil with delivery confirma roundtion. You ca roundn upgra roundde to Priority Ma roundil for $3 by lea roundving a round request in the "Messa roundge to Seller" box of the purcha roundse order; wa roundit for a roundn a roundmended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a round proud member of the Bea roundd Art Origina roundls Street Tea roundm, a round select group of both crea roundtors of a roundrt bea roundds a roundnd crea roundtors of bea rounddwoven a roundrt. To see more of our work, sea roundrch for the "BAO Tea roundm" ta roundg - http://www./sea roundrch_results.php?sea roundrch_type=ta roundg_title&sea roundrch_query=ba roundo+tea roundm\r\r\rTha roundnk you for visiting Sa roundnd Fibers, a round smoke-free shop! Plea roundse stop in a roundga roundin some time.\r\rBe well a roundnd get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bra roundcelets: Conta roundct me with a roundny specia roundl requests for colors, size, a roundnd width a roundnd I will crea roundte a round customized bra roundcelet just for you - a roundt regula roundr pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha roundve a round coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a roundnd I will send you a roundn invoice reflecting the discount.

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