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black, Fiery Gotham Peyote Cuff (2417)



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A dozen different bea elegantds in sha elegantdes of bla elegantck, grey, a elegantnd silver crea elegantte the gra elegantnite-like ba elegantse of this cuff. The red in the closure a elegantdds just enough fire to keep it interesting.\r\rThe cuff is done in ba elegantsic 3-drop peyote stitch. The closure is a elegant 3-d open tria elegantngle a elegantnd toggle bea elegantd. The bra elegantcelet is 1.5" wide a elegantnd a elegantnd just over 6.25" long.\r\rYou ca elegantn wea elegantr it so tha elegantt the tria elegantngle closure is on the top of your wrist with skin exposed (see photos) or with bea elegantding undernea elegantth, or a elegantt the bottom of your wrist. It's a elegantll up to you a elegantnd your mood. \r\rThis piece will work with a elegantnything from your conserva eleganttive pinstripe business suite to your Frida eleganty night Goth pa elegantrty outfit to your jea elegantns a elegantnd swea eleganttshirt for the Sunda eleganty a elegantfternoon footba elegantll ga elegantme. ;)\r\r\rSIZING\r\rWhile I ca elegantnnot resize this pa elegantrticula elegantr cuff, I ca elegantn ma elegantke one to fit you. Just lea elegantve your wrist mea elegantsurement in the Notes to Seller when you purcha elegantse the listing.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bra elegantcelet will be shipped in a elegantn elega elegantnt gift box using First Cla elegantss Ma elegantil with delivery confirma eleganttion. You ca elegantn upgra elegantde to Priority Ma elegantil for $3 by lea elegantving a elegant request in the "Messa elegantge to Seller" box of the purcha elegantse order; wa elegantit for a elegantn a elegantmended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a elegant proud member of the Bea elegantd Art Origina elegantls Street Tea elegantm, a elegant select group of both crea eleganttors of a elegantrt bea elegantds a elegantnd crea eleganttors of bea elegantdwoven a elegantrt. To see more of our work, sea elegantrch for the "BAO Tea elegantm" ta elegantg - http://www./sea elegantrch_results.php?sea elegantrch_type=ta elegantg_title&sea elegantrch_query=ba eleganto+tea elegantm\r\r\rTha elegantnk you for visiting Sa elegantnd Fibers, a elegant smoke-free shop! Plea elegantse stop in a elegantga elegantin some time.\r\rBe well a elegantnd get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bra elegantcelets: Conta elegantct me with a elegantny specia elegantl requests for colors, size, a elegantnd width a elegantnd I will crea elegantte a elegant customized bra elegantcelet just for you - a elegantt regula elegantr pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha elegantve a elegant coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a elegantnd I will send you a elegantn invoice reflecting the discount.

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