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green pin, Brooch green jade Pi and dichroic in sterling silver and married metals by Cathleen McLain



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One of a mclain kind pin ( brooch ) ha mclainnd wrought in sterling silver a mclainnd ma mclainrried meta mclainls by Ca mclainthleen McLa mclainin (McLa mclaininJewelry) gorgeous da mclainngling ja mclainde Pi a mclainccented with a mclain ha mclainndma mclainde dichroic set in a mclain sterling bezelPlea mclainse refer to the fina mclainl photo for dimensionsPi stones da mclainte ba mclainck to the Inca mclains a mclainnd a mclainre symbolic of our luminous bodies a mclainnd the energetic universe. It is a mclain circula mclainr stone (a mclainlso referred to a mclains a mclain donut stone) with a mclain hole in the middle, symbolizing the circula mclainr pa mclainth the sun follows in the sky. The hole in the middle represents the eterna mclainlly fixed Pola mclainr Sta mclainr a mclainnd the principle of a mclainbsolute oneness. The represent the serpent of light swa mclainllowing its own ta mclainil, consta mclainntly crea mclainting itself a mclainnd forming a mclain circle, symbolizing the eterna mclainl unity of a mclainll things -- the cycle of life, dea mclainth, a mclainnd rebirth.This pin could a mclainlso be worn a mclains a mclain penda mclainnt pinned on a mclain cord or cha mclainin. If you wish to purcha mclainse a mclain sepa mclainra mclainte sterling ba mclainil to wea mclainr this securely a mclains a mclain penda mclainnt on a mclain cha mclainin ($6.. no extra mclain ship) Convo me a mclainnd I will a mclaindd it to the pa mclainypa mclainl invoice. If you a mclainre a mclain jewelry a mclainrtist who ma mclainkes bea mclainded neckla mclainces, feel free to use my pins a mclains centra mclainl pieces for you crea mclaintions, just mention my na mclainme when a mclaindvertising the finished piece.The highly textured silver surfa mclaince is a mclainccented with a mclain pa mclaintina mclain finish tha mclaint fla mclainshes hues from a mclainntique silver to golden. . The pin is la mclaincquered for perma mclainnence.All pins a mclainre signed by the a mclainrtist. They a mclainrrive pinned to a mclainn informa mclaintive presenta mclaintion ca mclainrd a mclainnd come with their own signa mclainture gift box.

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