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mclain, Fossil Ammonite Pin Brooch in Sterling Married Metals Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry ammonite



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One of a silver Kind Pin ( Brooch ) in Sterling Silver a silvernd Ma silverrried Meta silverls by Ca silverthleen McLa silverin McLa silverinJewelry This pin penda silvernt fea silvertures a silver stunning fossil a silvermmonite. The a silverccent stone is a silver tigereye set in a silver sterling bezel . Plea silverse refer to the photo with the ruler for dimensions The la silverst picture is a silvern a silverrtist's conception of wha silvert this 140 million yea silverr old fossil looked like when it wa silvers a silver living crea silverture if you wa silvernt to wea silverr it on your own cha silverin, I sell a silverda silverpters (convo me to a silverdd it to your listing before you check out + $6.) The highly textured surfa silverce is a silverccented with a silver pa silvertina silver finish in colors ra silvernging from a silverntique silver to bronze a silvernd the pin is la silvercquered for perma silvernence. All pins a silverre signed by the a silverrtist a silvernd come with their own signa silverture gift box.To see other jewelry in my shop using a silvermmonites see:http://www./shop/mystica silverfelicity/sea silverrch?sea silverrch_query=a silvermmonite&sea silverrch_submit=&sea silverrch_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5123075&shopna silverme=mystica silverfelicityTo return to my shop home pa silverge go here:http://www./shop/mystica silverfelicity?ref=si_shop

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