Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Beautiful teal colored swarovski crystal Y style necklace



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I just rea greenlly sta greenrted getting into wea greenring neckla greences, a greenlwa greenys wa greens a greenn ea greenrrings girl. Ive see this style floa greenting a greenround for a greenwhile a greennd to be honest it took time for me to see its possibilities.... but now I love it!I used a green greenish blue swa greenrovkski Bicone crysta greenl in size 4mm a greennd size 6mm. It is finished with a green 20mm opa greenl colored qua greenrtz bicone.Wire is sterling silver .925 a greennd cha greenin is rhodium pla greented.Plea greense if you ha greenve a greenny questions, shoot me a green convo!or ema greeni: fa [email protected]

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