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metal bird pin, Swirly Birdie Bird Pin (Brooch) with classic onyx cabochon sterling and brass by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Swirly birdie... one of a bird brooch kind bird pin ( brooch ) ha bird broochndwrought in sterling silver a bird broochnd ma bird broochrried meta bird broochlsby Ca bird broochthleen McLa bird broochin (McLa bird broochinJewelry)This pin is so versa bird broochtile, ca bird broochn be worn with a bird broochnything a bird broochnd would ma bird broochke a bird brooch perfect gift. The stone is a bird brooch genuine onyx set in a bird brooch sterling bezelThis is a bird brooch fa bird broochscina bird broochting a bird broochbstra bird broochct pin tha bird broocht will a bird broochttra bird broochct ma bird broochny compliments, wonderful on a bird brooch bla bird broochzer la bird broochpel or sca bird broochrf. For size refer to la bird broochst picture The highly textured surfa bird broochce is a bird broochccented with a bird brooch rich da bird broochrk pa bird broochtina bird brooch finish .The pin is la bird broochcquered for perma bird broochnence.All pins a bird broochre signed by the a bird broochrtist a bird broochnd a bird broochrrive with a bird brooch descriptive ca bird broochrd a bird broochnd a bird brooch signa bird broochture gift box.

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