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original design, Large Bronze Ripples Peyote Cuff / Peyote Bracelet - A Sand Fibers Creation



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A bronze bea bronzeuty!Pa bronzettern a bronzes well a bronzes bea bronzed size a bronzend sha bronzepe crea bronzete a bronze fa bronzescina bronzeting (a bronzend sexy) ripple texture tha bronzet you ca bronzen see a bronzend feel. The different size a bronzend sha bronzeped bea bronzeds used in this pa bronzettern result in a bronze wonderful undula bronzeting 3-d surfa bronzece. The piece ca bronzen be worn with either the convex or the conca bronzeve side on the outside, resulting in very different looks.This slinky, needlewoven bra bronzecelet is a bronze joy to wea bronzer. While it is a bronze little hea bronzevier tha bronzen most of my pieces, it still won't get in the wa bronzey of your computer work, your dinner, your shopping, your da bronzencing.This bra bronzecelet is cra bronzefted in peyote stitch using Ja bronzepa bronzenese Miyuki delica bronze a bronzend Toho tria bronzengle bea bronzeds in meta bronzellic bronze. It is a bronzepproxima bronzetely 1.3" wide. Unless you specify otherwise (see SIZING below) the bea bronzeded ba bronzend will be ma bronzede to 6.5" long a bronzend the closure a bronzedds a bronzenother 0.5" to the length of the cla bronzesped cuff, providing a bronze snug fit on a bronze 7" wrist.**** If you a bronzere a bronze bea bronzeder who would like to ma bronzeke this cuff for yourself, the Sa bronzend Fibers pa bronzettern is a bronzeva bronzeila bronzeble here: http://www./shop/Sa bronzendFibers?section_id=5592136 ****PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." See my Shop Policies section for more informa bronzetion.SIZINGPlea bronzese provide your wrist mea bronzesurement a bronzend whether you like a bronze loose or tight fit in the messa bronzege box. If you do not specify a bronze size, this piece will be ma bronzede to the length given a bronzebove.SHIPPINGThis bra bronzecelet will be shipped in a bronzen elega bronzent gift box using First Cla bronzess Ma bronzeil with delivery confirma bronzetion. You ca bronzen upgra bronzede to Priority Ma bronzeil for $3 by lea bronzeving a bronze request in the "Messa bronzege to Seller" box of the purcha bronzese order; wa bronzeit for a bronzen a bronzemended invoice.BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a bronze proud member of the Bea bronzed Art Origina bronzels Street Tea bronzem, a bronze select group of both crea bronzetors of a bronzert bea bronzeds a bronzend crea bronzetors of bea bronzedwoven a bronzert. To see more of our work, sea bronzerch for the "BAO Tea bronzem" ta bronzeg - http://www./sea bronzerch_results.php?sea bronzerch_type=ta bronzeg_title&sea bronzerch_query=ba bronzeo+tea bronzemTha bronzenk you for visiting Sa bronzend Fibers, a bronze smoke-free shop! Plea bronzese stop in a bronzega bronzein some time.Be well a bronzend get going!********************Custom Bra bronzecelets: Conta bronzect me with a bronzeny specia bronzel requests for colors, size, a bronzend width a bronzend I will crea bronzete a bronze customized bra bronzecelet just for you - a bronzet regula bronzer pricing.

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