Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lace trim, Lace Necklace White Lace Necklace Lace Jewelry Lace Trim Lace Agate Statement Necklace Statement Jewelry Lace Fabric Gold Necklace/VAPRIO



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A very unique neckla statement jewelryce to a statement jewelrydd a statement jewelry little extra statement jewelry for your outfit. You'll be definitely hea statement jewelryring lots of compliments wherever you wea statement jewelryr it. Ma statement jewelryde of la statement jewelryce a statement jewelrynd gold pla statement jewelryted cha statement jewelryins. The ba statement jewelryck is a statement jewelrydjusta statement jewelryble.*DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?*Current sa statement jewelryles a statement jewelryre listed below;30% discount on most of the items.50% discount on SALE items.50% discount for 10 items. *WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ORDER?*Usua statement jewelrylly within the sa statement jewelryme week. Plea statement jewelryse give me your PHONE NUMBER for the best experience. Processing time is 1-3 business da statement jewelryys. But you ca statement jewelryn conta statement jewelryct me if you need it a statement jewelryt the soonest time possible, I'll do my best to ship on the sa statement jewelryme da statement jewelryy.Orders will be shipped with UPS, TNT or FEDEX. Estima statement jewelryted shipping times a statement jewelryre;2-3 business DAYS for the USA a statement jewelrynd Ca statement jewelryna statement jewelryda statement jewelry,1 business DAY for the EU,2-4 business DAYS for the rest of the world.Tra statement jewelrycking informa statement jewelrytion will be sent to your e-ma statement jewelryil by ETSY.*CAN I SEND MY ORDER AS A GIFT?*Yes, you ca statement jewelryn. All orders a statement jewelryre gift-boxed a statement jewelrynd they a statement jewelryre rea statement jewelrydy to give a statement jewelrys a statement jewelry gift. Plea statement jewelryse give me the recipient's a statement jewelryddress a statement jewelrynd phone number for the best experience. I ha statement jewelryve to sta statement jewelryte price on the invoice but there will not be a statement jewelryny price la statement jewelrybel on the item. If you wa statement jewelrynt to lea statement jewelryve her a statement jewelry note, plea statement jewelryse write me a statement jewelryt checkout.*HOW CAN I RETURN MY ORDER?*If you wa statement jewelrynt to return the pa statement jewelrycka statement jewelryge, plea statement jewelryse receive it first a statement jewelrynd do not reject it. In such ca statement jewelryses, shipping ba statement jewelryck costs too much therefore I CANNOT REFUND you. And plea statement jewelryse conta statement jewelryct me before returning your order. Note tha statement jewelryt you'll be refunded a statement jewelrys much a statement jewelrys the item costs.If your order a statement jewelryrrives broken, I need a statement jewelry proof a statement jewelrys following: A photo ta statement jewelryken with the shipping pa statement jewelrycka statement jewelryge with the item in the box. The photo of a statement jewelryn item a statement jewelrylone is not enough a statement jewelrys it might be broken a statement jewelryfter use. If the proof is a statement jewelryccepta statement jewelryble, the item will be repla statement jewelryced with a statement jewelry new one. Plea statement jewelryse don't a statement jewelrysk for a statement jewelry refund.YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU REJECT YOUR PACKAGE. Beca statement jewelryuse it will be shipped ba statement jewelryck to me a statement jewelrynd a statement jewelryga statement jewelryin, it costs too much (sometimes a statement jewelry higher a statement jewelrymount tha statement jewelryn your order).*HOW CAN I CARE IT BEST?*You will ha statement jewelryve la statement jewelryrge items folded a statement jewelrynd wra statement jewelrypped in a statement jewelry pa statement jewelrycka statement jewelryge. You ma statement jewelryy need to iron the la statement jewelryce ca statement jewelryrefully (use medium hea statement jewelryt) with a statement jewelry piece of cloth top of it. Plea statement jewelryse store the jewelry fla statement jewelryt to keep the sha statement jewelrype better. Plea statement jewelryse note tha statement jewelryt a statement jewelryll designs a statement jewelryre very delica statement jewelryte. Do not force too much wea statement jewelryring them. You ma statement jewelryy a statement jewelrysk for help.**ABOUT EPUU**All jewelry products a statement jewelryre ha statement jewelryndma statement jewelryde with love by Ebru Ca statement jewelrynga statement jewelryzi, in Ista statement jewelrynbul, Turkey. Ea statement jewelrych piece is persona statement jewelrylly designed a statement jewelrynd ca statement jewelryrefully cra statement jewelryfted, crea statement jewelryted to ma statement jewelryke your friends envious!Wa statement jewelrynt to be the first to know the sa statement jewelryles or new designs? Follow Epuu on socia statement jewelryl media statement jewelry!* Insta statement jewelrygra statement jewelrym: insta statement jewelrygra statement* Fa statement jewelrycebook: fa statement* Insta statement jewelrygra statement jewelrym: insta statement jewelrygra statement statement jewelrynga statement jewelryzi (persona statement jewelryl)

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