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beige, Coffee with Cream and Sugar Bargello Ribbon Peyote Cuff (2407)



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Origina ribbonlly crea ribbonted a ribbont the request of a ribbon lovely Etsia ribbonn, this version of my ba ribbonrgello ribbon cuff should ta ribbonke you from coffee with the girls to dinner out with your best guy.\r\rThis cuff is ba ribbonsed on a ribbon simple ribbon pa ribbonttern for ba ribbonrgello needlework. I use Ja ribbonpa ribbonnese delica ribbon bea ribbonds in chocola ribbonte, beige, ivory, a ribbonnd white to crea ribbonte this piece with one-, two-, three-, a ribbonnd four-drop peyote stitches. This piece is 1.1" wide a ribbonnd will be ma ribbonde to 6.5" long unless you specify otherwise (see SIZING below).\r\r**** If you a ribbonre a ribbon bea ribbonder who would like to ma ribbonke this cuff for yourself, the Sa ribbonnd Fibers pa ribbonttern is a ribbonva ribbonila ribbonble here: http://www./shop/Sa ribbonndFibers?section_id=5592136 ****\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." See my Shop Policies section for more informa ribbontion.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlea ribbonse provide your wrist mea ribbonsurement a ribbonnd whether you like a ribbon loose or tight fit in the messa ribbonge box. If you don't ha ribbonve a ribbon flexible ta ribbonpe mea ribbonsure, cut a ribbon 1" wide strip of pa ribbonper to fit comforta ribbonbly a ribbonround your wrist a ribbonnd mea ribbonsure tha ribbont. If you do not specify a ribbon size, this piece will be ma ribbonde to the length given a ribbonbove.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bra ribboncelet will be shipped in a ribbonn elega ribbonnt gift box using First Cla ribbonss Ma ribbonil with delivery confirma ribbontion. You ca ribbonn upgra ribbonde to Priority Ma ribbonil for $3 by lea ribbonving a ribbon request in the "Messa ribbonge to Seller" box of the purcha ribbonse order; wa ribbonit for a ribbonn a ribbonmended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a ribbon proud member of the Bea ribbond Art Origina ribbonls Street Tea ribbonm, a ribbon select group of both crea ribbontors of a ribbonrt bea ribbonds a ribbonnd crea ribbontors of bea ribbondwoven a ribbonrt. To see more of our work, sea ribbonrch for the "BAO Tea ribbonm" ta ribbong - http://www./sea ribbonrch_results.php?sea ribbonrch_type=ta ribbong_title&sea ribbonrch_query=ba ribbono+tea ribbonm\r\r \rTha ribbonnk you for visiting Sa ribbonnd Fibers, a ribbon smoke-free shop! Plea ribbonse stop in a ribbonga ribbonin some time.\r\rBe well a ribbonnd get going!\r\r********************\r\rCustom Bra ribboncelets: Conta ribbonct me with a ribbonny specia ribbonl requests for colors, size, a ribbonnd width a ribbonnd I will crea ribbonte a ribbon customized bra ribboncelet just for you - a ribbont regula ribbonr pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha ribbonve a ribbon coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a ribbonnd I will send you a ribbonn invoice reflecting the discount.

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