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Summer Beaches Colorful Textured Pendant Necklacetextured pendant, Blue Gray Orangetextured pendant, Handmade



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This colorful penda beach necklacent with the texture of summer bea beach necklaceches is a beach necklace unique a beach necklacend ha beach necklacendma beach necklacede piece. Mysterious tra beach necklacecks a beach necklacecross a beach necklace sa beach necklacendy blue, gra beach necklacey, a beach necklacend ora beach necklacenge bea beach necklacech, a beach necklaces seen through multicolored lenses-tha beach necklacet's wha beach necklacet this penda beach necklacent invokes. Summer bea beach necklacech trips a beach necklacend pretty, boho skirts need this neckla beach necklacece a beach necklaces a beach necklacen a beach necklaceccessory. Shimmery a beach necklacend meta beach necklacellic tones a beach necklacere blended dia beach necklacegona beach necklacelly a beach necklacecross this 1.25 x 1.25 inch squa beach necklacere penda beach necklacent. Denim blue in one corner, grey in the middle, a beach necklacend coppery terra beach necklacecotta beach necklace strea beach necklacek a beach necklacecross a beach necklace ha beach necklacend-textured polymer cla beach necklacey la beach necklacendsca beach necklacepe. I topped this piece with clea beach necklacer resin a beach necklacefter ba beach necklaceking to enha beach necklacence a beach necklacend ma beach necklacegnify these lovely deta beach necklaceils.A ba beach necklaceil is fa beach necklacestened to the ba beach necklaceck with E6000, a beach necklacend the penda beach necklacent ha beach necklacengs on a beach necklace double la beach necklaceyer of gra beach necklacey jute cord via beach necklace jump rings. Ta beach necklacen wood bea beach necklaceds fla beach necklacenk the penda beach necklacent. The jute cord neckla beach necklacece a beach necklacedjusts to custom length between 16 a beach necklacend 20.25 inches, fa beach necklacestening with a beach necklace pla beach necklaceted lobster cla beach necklacew a beach necklacend extender cha beach necklacein.

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