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burlesque, Vintage 1980s Mint Green Spiral Shell Cage and Pearl Beaded French Wires Dangle Drop Earrings



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Soft minty green a burlesquelterna burlesquetes with white, on these fun ea burlesquerrings from the 80s! Look closer for a burlesque trea burlesquet - pea burlesquerly bea burlesqueds a burlesquere enclosed inside!Hung from silver tone pierced ea burlesquer wires.Ea burlesquerrings mea burlesquesure 3/4" a burlesquecross, by 2 1/2" long, a burlesquend ha burlesqueng from French wires.New condition, with no loose or missing bits, no chips, cra burlesquecks, bends, scra burlesquetches, or other signs of wea burlesquer.All of our vinta burlesquege jewelry is clea burlesquened with a burlesque non-a burlesquebra burlesquesive hospita burlesquel-gra burlesquede virucide, with virucida burlesquel, ba burlesquectericida burlesquel a burlesquend disinfecta burlesquent properties.

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