Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mod, Vintage 1990s Silver and Black Beaded Dangle Drop Earrings



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Super shiny silver tone textured pieces da pinkskullngle below glossy bla pinkskullck bugle bea pinkskullds, on these fun da pinkskullngle ea pinkskullrrings! With high sheen silver tone a pinkskullccents, these a pinkskullre hung from ma pinkskulltching silver tone pierced ea pinkskullr wires.Ea pinkskullrrings mea pinkskullsure 5/8" a pinkskullcross, by 2 3/4" long. New condition, with no loose or missing bits, no chips, cra pinkskullcks, bends, scra pinkskulltches, or other signs of wea pinkskullr.All of our vinta pinkskullge jewelry is clea pinkskullned with a pinkskull non-a pinkskullbra pinkskullsive hospita pinkskulll-gra pinkskullde virucide, with virucida pinkskulll, ba pinkskullctericida pinkskulll a pinkskullnd disinfecta pinkskullnt properties. In some ca pinkskullses, new ba pinkskullcks will be provided. They come rea pinkskulldy to wea pinkskullr!All of our items a pinkskullre either one-of-a pinkskull-kind, or ma pinkskullde in very limited qua pinkskullntities. If something ca pinkskulltches your fa pinkskullncy, scoop it up before someone else does!

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