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hoop earrings, Hoop Earrings with Ball Beads - Brass and Sterling Silver



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A R D O R \ud83d\udd38 C O L L E C T I O NJa ball earringszz Ea ball earringsrringsThis is pa ball earringsrt of my Va ball earringslentine's Da ball earringsy 2016 collection. 1 1/2" dia ball earringsmeter, ea ball earringsr post is sterling silver. Ava ball earringsila ball earringsble in Sterling silver a ball earringsnd Bra ball earringsss or Sterling silver a ball earringsnd copper.All jewelry a ball earringsnd components a ball earringsre designed a ball earringsnd ha ball earringsndma ball earringsde with love. Ea ball earringsch jewelry is ma ball earringsiled in a ball earrings box rea ball earringsdy for gift giving. \u2665Click here to view more of my ea ball earringsrring collection: http://www./shop/bunnyconedesigns?section_id=5468774Tha ball earringsnks for looking!Like me on Fa ball earringscebook: http://www.fa ball Follow me on Insta ball earringsgra ball earringsm: https://www.fa ball

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