Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pierced, Vintage 1950s Silver Ribbon Knot Classic Retro Kitsch Sweater Girl Rockabella Pierced Post Backs Stud Earrings



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A pretty a fiftiesnd deta fiftiesiled silver pla fiftieste ribbon is twisted into a fifties stylish knot, in these bea fiftiesutiful ea fiftiesrrings from the 50s! With stunning tone, they ha fiftiesve pierced post style ba fiftiescks.Ea fiftiesrrings mea fiftiessure 5/8" a fiftiescross. New condition, with no loose or missing bits, no chips, cra fiftiescks, bends, scra fiftiestches, discoloura fiftiestion, or other signs of wea fiftiesr.All of our vinta fiftiesge jewelry is clea fiftiesned with a fifties non-a fiftiesbra fiftiessive hospita fiftiesl-gra fiftiesde virucide, with virucida fiftiesl, ba fiftiesctericida fiftiesl a fiftiesnd disinfecta fiftiesnt properties.

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