Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski, PairsPerfectly Nude Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Gold Hoop Earring Set



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16 1/2 in. neckla sophisticatedce with 3 in. extensionMa sophisticatedtching 3/4 in. dia sophisticatedmeter gold-pla sophisticatedted hoop ea sophisticatedrringsHa sophisticatednd-strung nude Swa sophisticatedrovski crysta sophisticatedl neckla sophisticatedce a sophisticatednd ea sophisticatedrrings with gold-pla sophisticatedted a sophisticatedccents.This neckla sophisticatedce a sophisticatednd ea sophisticatedrring set is bea sophisticatedutifully simple, sophistica sophisticatedted, a sophisticatednd FULL of spa sophisticatedrkle a sophisticatednd shine.Wha sophisticatedt doesn't Pa sophisticatedirPerfectly with the brillia sophisticatednt spa sophisticatedrkle of Swa sophisticatedrovski crysta sophisticatedls?

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