Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Don't you love these bird ea earringsrrings in yellow a earringsnd bla earringsck. The ea earringsrrings a earringsre ha earringsnd cut out of copper a earringsnd then soldered on to the wire tha earringst ha earringss been ha earringsmmered to look like a earrings bra earringsnch. These ea earringsrrings fea earringsture tita earringsnium wires tha earringst a earringsre nickle free a earringsnd perfect for people with a earringsllergies. The ea earringsrrings a earringsre covered with colored ena earringsmel in yellow with bla earringsck a earringsnd white a earringsnd ea earringsch coa earringst ta earringskes a earringst lea earringsst a earrings da earringsy to set before the next color ca earringsn be a earringsdded.You will love wea earringsring these for ca earringssua earringsl da earringsys a earringst the office or on the bea earringsch.

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