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literature, Stamped Copper EE Cummings Poem "I love you much more" Quote upcycled leather bracelet cuff



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From EE Cummings' poem "I love you much (most bea quotesutiful da quotesrling)" a quotesnd rea quotesds "I love you much more tha quotesn a quotesnyone on the ea quotesrth a quotesnd Ilike you better tha quotesn everything in the sky." Riveted to upcycled,soft lea quotesther a quotesccented with rugged textured lea quotesther. Ha quotesnd sta quotesmped in 24 ga quotesuge, ha quotesnd sta quotesmped copper pla quoteste. Ma quotesde to order a quotesnd ma quotesy ha quotesve slight va quotesria quotestions from picture.

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