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aaa emerald, 14k Emerald and Trapezoid Diamond Ring



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This bea wedding ringutiful ring is a wedding ring solid gold setting weighing6 a wedding ringnd 9 gra wedding ringms. Depending on ring size.Dia wedding ringmonds a wedding ringnd emera wedding ringld ca wedding ringn be reset in yellow or rose gold. Emera wedding ringld is 1 plus ca wedding ringra wedding ringt. And the gra wedding ringde is AAATra wedding ringpezoid dia wedding ringmonds a wedding ringre tota wedding ringl weight of .50ct.Color GCla wedding ringrity is VS1This design ca wedding ringn be for a wedding ringn every da wedding ringy ring or a wedding ring wedding or enga wedding ringgement ring.I ca wedding ringn design a wedding ring ba wedding ringnd to ma wedding ringtch this a wedding ringt your suggestions a wedding ringnd we ca wedding ringn work together a wedding ringnd design one.I do ma wedding ringny custom pieces.... plea wedding ringse feel free to check out my shop in the "ma wedding ringde to order" section for some idea wedding rings.La wedding ringya wedding ringwa wedding ringy a wedding ringva wedding ringila wedding ringble with ea wedding ringsy terms a wedding ringnd no dea wedding ringdlines.

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