Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coro, Coro Necklace



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This bea coro necklaceutiful 1950\u2019s white Coro neckla coro necklacece, I believe is ma coro necklacede of Thermoset Lucite, highlighted with white Moonglow squa coro necklaceres with silver-tone lea coro necklaceves on either side. Neckla coro necklacece mea coro necklacesures 5/8" wide squa coro necklaceres, cha coro necklacein a coro necklacend hook cla coro necklacesp from end to end is 18" in length,neckla coro necklacece ca coro necklacen be hooked for a coro necklacen a coro necklacedjusta coro necklaceble 14-1/2" to 18" length choker neckla coro necklacece.

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