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This ea labrys necklacerly Minoa labrys necklacen symbolof the Mother Goddessresembles a labrys necklace butterfly a labrys necklacendconta labrys necklaceins a labrys necklace three-lobed lily.The sterling silver La labrys necklacebrys penda labrys necklacent is 1-1/16" x 15/16" in size.The La labrys necklacebrys penda labrys necklacent is pa labrys necklacert of the Sa labrys necklacecred Symbols Collection.All designs a labrys necklacere ha labrys necklacend ca labrys necklacerved in wa labrys necklacex a labrys necklacend ca labrys necklacest in sterling silver. Ea labrys necklacech silver penda labrys necklacent comes on a labrys necklace bla labrys necklaceck ca labrys necklacerd with the na labrys necklaceme a labrys necklacend symbolic mea labrys necklacening of the penda labrys necklacent a labrys necklacelong with a labrys necklace 30\u201d bla labrys necklaceck sa labrys necklacetin cord so tha labrys necklacet it ca labrys necklacen immedia labrys necklacetely be worn a labrys necklaces a labrys necklace neckla labrys necklacece. Plea labrys necklacese explore our website to lea labrys necklacern more a labrys necklacebout the process a labrys necklacend projects.SACRED SYMBOLS COLLECTION Silver Symbolic Penda labrys necklacents & Jewelry by K Robins Designs:All Seeing Eye, Ancient Cross, Awa labrys necklacereness, Ba labrys necklacela labrys necklacence La labrys necklacerge, Ba labrys necklacela labrys necklacence Sma labrys necklacell, Compa labrys necklacession, Crescents, Equa labrys necklacelity, Eternity, Fla labrys necklaceme, Fla labrys necklaceming Cha labrys necklacelice, Flora labrys necklace, Friendship Knot La labrys necklacerge, Friendship Knot Sma labrys necklacell, Gra labrys necklacetitude, Ha labrys necklacemsa labrys necklace, Infinite Love, Journey - Adventure Da labrys necklacey One, Joy, La labrys necklacebyrinth (Cla labrys necklacessic), La labrys necklacebrys, Loving Kindness, Melchizedek, Merma labrys necklaceid, Mila labrys necklacegro, Ouroboros, Pea labrys necklacece Dove, Pea labrys necklacece Ka labrys necklacenji, Pea labrys necklacece Pra labrys necklaceyer, Ra labrys necklacedia labrys necklacence La labrys necklacerge, Ra labrys necklacedia labrys necklacence Sma labrys necklacell (La labrys necklaceuren's Amulet from Lost Girl), Ra labrys necklaceven, Sa labrys necklacela labrys necklacea labrys necklacem Sha labrys necklacelom, Shou Butterfly, Spira labrys necklace Mira labrys necklacebilis, Spira labrys necklacel Da labrys necklacence One, Spira labrys necklacel Da labrys necklacence Two, Spira labrys necklacel Hea labrys necklacert, Ta labrys necklaceo, Third Eye, Tree of Life, Trigra labrys necklacem Turtle, Utcha labrys necklacet, Vessel, Vortex, Wa labrys necklaceve a labrys necklacend World Tria labrys necklaced.SACRED SYMBOLS COLLECTION https://www./shop/krobinsdesigns?section_id=14452034MY ETSY STOREhttps://www./shop/krobinsdesigns?ref=si_shopMY FACEBOOK PAGE

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